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Miestro Update January 12, 2024

Miestro Updates – January 12, 2024

Here’s another Miestro update! This report covers the crucial advancements and resolutions from January 5th to January 11th, highlighting our commitment to enhancing the Miestro platform’s functionality and user experience.

Quality Assurance and Testing Efforts

This week, our Quality Assurance team identified several issues primarily in the Portal Settings and Video Program Page, ranging from color changes affecting input visibility to functionality concerns in navigation and personal info sections. We’re addressing these to enhance interface intuitiveness and reliability.

Frontend Developments

Significant strides were made in refining the frontend experience:

  • Enhanced signup functionality and checkout process redesign for better user navigation.

Backend Improvements

Backend developments focused on streamlining processes and integrating functionalities:

  • Progressed on Stripe Link integration, ensuring a seamless payment process.
  • Addressed issues in member pages and lesson count functionalities.
  • Enhanced coupon functionality and payment intent updates within the Stripe Link framework.

That’s it for Miestro update. We always value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to our support team at support@miestro.com for any assistance with the platform. Stay tuned for next week’s progress report, as we continue to innovate and improve.

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