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Miestro Updates Dec 29, 2023

Miestro Updates – December 29, 2023

Our team has been diligently working on enhancing your experience, fixing bugs, and developing new features. Here are the progress, updates, and improvements made to Miestro from December 18th through December 24th 2023. 

Remember to contact support@miestro.com If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about Miestro. The team is always happy to provide you with guidance and assistance. 

Miestro Update 
December 29 2023

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing

  • Navigation Issues in Portal Settings: Addressed duplication and deletion issues in header and footer editing on the staging environment.
  • Color and Design Inconsistencies: Fixed problems with primary text color adjustments and text input area borders. Ensured color changes in the ‘Card Background’ are now reflecting correctly.
  • Login and Signup Page Functionality: Resolved issues on the Preview tabs for both Login and Sign Up pages.
  • Portal Template Enhancements: Added a ‘revert to default’ button for easy template resetting.

Frontend Developments

  • User Interface Improvements: Successfully updated various pages including Sign In, Signup, Thank You, and Unsubscribe pages for better user navigation and experience.
  • Live Stream Enhancements: Implemented redirection to the main live stream page after ending a stream and fixed errors when refreshing live stream question pages.
  • Course Redesign: Continued progress on redesigning the student room section for lessons and bookmarks, enhancing the overall course interface.

Backend Updates

  • Custom Link and Portal Theme Adjustments: Enabled setting and ordering of custom links, along with the addition of default portal themes after signup.
  • Stripe Integration Progress: Advanced development in integrating Stripe for faster checkout processes and improved payment handling.

Ongoing Projects and Focus Areas

  • Course Design: Working on style changes and functionalities to elevate experience and course content layout.
  • Backend Functionalities: Focused on enhancing offers and portal themes, streamlining backend processes for better front-end user interactions.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with media library text visibility and navigation color settings in portal templates.
  • Addressed page design inconsistencies, particularly in portal settings, and improved page responsiveness.

Miestro always value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to our support team at support@miestro.com for any assistance with the platform. Stay tuned for next week’s progress report, as we continue to innovate and improve.

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