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Your Quick Guide to Creating and Selling Online Courses

As someone who wants to create an online course, you naturally want to know if this venture will be worth your time and effort. There’s nothing wrong with being prudent regarding this matter; after all, it pays to make sure that your investments and sacrifices will not be in vain.

Is Creating and Selling Online Courses Worthwhile?

It’s worth mentioning that online courses are revolutionizing the way people teach and learn. They allow teachers to connect with students regardless of where they are based. Moreover, they provide learners with a more engaging way to acquire new knowledge outside of their formal education.

You should also know that e-learning is expected to continue flourishing in the years to come. In fact, online course consumption increased dramatically since the onset of the pandemic—and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

All of these prove that creating and selling online courses today is worth every effort. This can enable you to earn income passively while helping you build meaningful connections with other professionals.

The best part is that getting started is fairly straightforward. However, you will have to follow certain steps to find success as you sell courses online, like the following:

1. Focus on a Subject That Sells

The prerequisite to an online course that sells is focusing on a subject that does! If the topic you chose to cover isn’t relevant to a lot of people, you won’t get the signups you want no matter how hard you try.

To understand what is and isn’t relevant to your target audience, it helps to first understand their motivations behind enrolling in online courses. Some may want to gain further knowledge to kickstart their career or shift specialties while some want to upskill themselves to gain better career opportunities. Of course, some also want to continue their education or acquire new skills.

Understanding your audience’s motivations will enable you to put together courses that they would actually want to pursue.

2. Choose a Focused Topic

A niche topic will allow you to craft a comprehensive and focused syllabus. Furthermore, it helps you avoid tackling broad topics, which usually entails competing with many other online course providers.

Considering this, you need to carefully think about the specific topic you want to focus on. You must also make sure that you have better-than-average knowledge in the subject matter you will choose.

Ultimately, you should know who you intend to teach and what their common struggles are concerning the topic. This will enable you to put together resources that will not only educate them but also help them overcome these challenges.

3. Find the Best Online Class Platform for Your Courses

Aside from your topic, syllabus, and other learning materials, you must also plan your hosting options carefully. Always remember that the platform you will choose can significantly impact the success of your course offering.

On that note, you have two main options: you can either self-host or go on an online class platform.

The former gives you complete control over your website, materials, and other elements. However, the drawback is that this can be quite expensive and a bit too technical to set up.

Otherwise, you can opt for an online class platform. This not only hosts your courses for you but also provides you with the digital tools you need to create your courses. Regardless of your experience level, you may find this choice extremely convenient.


With more people staying at home and having time for other activities, now is the best time for you to create and sell online courses. There’s also that growing interest among students and workers towards online classes that you can bank on. To ensure the success of your venture, however, keep in mind the tips above and find a robust platform to host your courses!

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