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Finding the Right Online Learning Platform: 3 Considerations

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to find new ways of living their daily lives and adapting to the changing times. Online shops and door-to-door shipments have made shopping possible, and messaging apps made interaction manageable, while the old face-to-face classroom interactions are now feasible, thanks to technology and the Internet. However, these changes and transitions are not always easy.

Teachers need to be more patient and understanding now than ever. The Internet connection and platform where the education takes place can affect the students’ learning capacity. For an educator, creating attractive modules to entice children learning from their homes can be challenging to achieve, especially if they are not technologically-savvy in the first place. They also need to ensure that their students are indeed learning, can participate well, and do not cheat in any way.

With all these difficulties to face, finding the right platform can help educators lessen their burden, but how do you find the right virtual learning option among all the available resources?

A Guide on Finding the Right Educational Platform for Online Classes

For educators or online class managers, here are the critical factors you should consider before settling on a virtual learning platform:

#1: Content Customization

Learning styles differ depending on the course and the class you are handling. You will need a platform that will allow you to make the necessary adjustments for your class with ease. You should be able to add reference materials to the course, such as videos or case studies, to make learning more favorable for your students. Little things like being allowed to note which parts of the course are mandatory and track your students’ homework submissions are already a big help for online teachers.

By having this control, you can save up your time and use it to make more creative learning modules for your class.

#2: Quiz Development

Whether the students appreciate it or not, a quiz is the best way to assess if they have learned something from your course. Finding a platform that has an in-program quiz creator can make this task easier. The right platform will usually allow you to input the correct answer, and they can even generate the result for you.

Helpful Tips:

When developing a quiz, make sure to focus on the highlights of the lesson. Remember that your goal is to test if they remember the vital information and not make them feel miserable. For this reason, you should keep it short and simple, and use easy quiz methods like multiple choice. An item of around five to ten will be a good start.

#3: Supported Virtual Interaction

Some students can digest every piece of information on their own, but there will still be those who learn better through interaction. It may depend on your class’s needs, but a platform that allows you to coordinate with your students without much hassle is a helpful feature. By chatting with the group or seeing announcements, students are more informed and more likely to see the fun in learning.

This is why you should find a platform that will allow you to post the grades and educational materials and your students to upload their homework or reach out to you when needed.


Creating an online course can be simple if you find the right platform to host it. A reliable all-in-one platform will not only be helpful for educators but also the students. Ensure that your chosen platform can cater to your needs and address all the problems you are anticipating with an online learning program.

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