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A Guide to Creating a Successful Online Course—Part 2

Online courses are all the rage for business owners these days—and it’s no surprise as to why this is. Establishing yourself as an expert in your business niche can seriously boost your credibility and increase sales, no matter which industry you’re in.

The great thing about digital courses is that they provide your customers with valuable information to their most burning questions. Enrollees can walk away able to do, feel, or know something they’ve always wanted to—and as an expert in your business, you are the most reliable person to provide that need!

The first part of this guide focused on choosing your topic and putting your course content together. Here, you’ll learn how to use online course software to deliver those courses effectively to your audience.

Decide on Effective and Engaging Delivery Methods

Now that you’ve got your content ready to go, delivery is the next step. There are many factors to consider in terms of learning preferences, especially for adult audiences, to ensure that course delivery is as engaging as possible. Decide if you will include videos, text, and activities in your course.

What type of visuals will you use, and what practical opportunities will you provide your audience with? A balance of all these will ensure that your students remain engaged and are given the best learning experience.

The Production Phase of Your Online Course

When you create an online course, you’ll need to plan how to film and edit your modules so you can deliver them to your students in the best manner.

By far, the most effective method of delivery is video, whether it’s pre-recorded or live. Depending on the kind of content you’re delivering, talking head videos or green screen talking head videos may be most appropriate. Green screens can be especially useful if you want slides on-screen alongside you. However, you can also edit the video to be in a split-screen format; it’s entirely up to you.

Screencasting also works for some online courses. This is where your computer screen is being recorded for your audience while a webcam video of yourself is located in a small portion of the screen.

Pricing Your Classes in an Education-Based Business Model

Determine how your online course should fit into your overall business model. Some entrepreneurs use their courses to generate another income stream, while others use it as their primary source of revenue. Others may use it as a free lead magnet towards their main products or services.

To price your online courses correctly, try seeing how it compares to your competitors. While it very much depends on the unique modules that you’re delivering, knowing how much the market is charging for similar courses will allow you to price yours accordingly.

If you’ve assessed that your course is better than what’s out there, then you can price yours slightly higher. Remember never to price lower as it will make others perceive your course as less valuable than others!

Marketing and Launch

The work doesn’t stop after you’ve completed your online course. You need to continuously advertise your course with the right marketing strategy to keep the influx of enrollees steady. This is the only way it will remain profitable!

Consider if you’ll run early bird promos for the first few enrollees, run an affiliate program, partner with influencers, and adjust your content strategy. There are so many ways for entrepreneurs to market their online courses to ensure continued success, so find the right methods that work for you.


With the right content and effective delivery methods, launching your online course can be a great opportunity for your business. It’s a flexible platform that you can use for your main source of income, running another income stream, or a lead to your products and services. Understanding where it fits in your business will help you decide how it can help you grow most effectively. With the best online course platforms to help you bring your content and modules together, you can sell your online courses with success in the long term.

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